Vitamin D Deficiency Test Purpose


Getting your vitamin levels checked is an important health precaution. The imbalance and lack of vitamins can lead to health issues that can go unnoticed if they are not treated properly.  A lot of the time, your body will show you signs and symptoms that you may be lacking in certain vitamins. However, it is possible to have a vitamin deficiency and be asymptomatic. You can now buy a vitamin D deficiency test to be taken at home. This is a convenient way of collecting a blood sample without visiting the doctors or just simply taking the test out of curiosity and caution.

What Is a Vitamin D Deficiency Test?

A vitamin D deficiency test is a collected blood sample that can be done either at a doctor’s surgery or ay home. If done at home, there will be an instruction leaflet and/or an instructional video online to ensure the test is carried out safely and effectively.

The sample will then be sent to a lab where it will be examined and tested further to determine how much vitamin D you have in your body and if you are developing or have already developed a deficiency to that specific nutrient/hormone.

You can receive the result in 5 working days.


What Happens If the Test Shows a Deficiency?

You do have multiple options if you receive your results, and it shows you are lacking vitamin D. This is not an uncommon issue and there are ways to improve it as well as prevent it from recurring. Your options may be:

  • Sunlight – This is the best natural source of vitamin D you can get. If you have lighter skin, aiming to be out in the sun for around 15 minutes every day is sufficient enough. Whereas those with darker skin tones may need longer.


  • Supplements – You can buy supplements that have been tested and are health approved, for example: cod liver oil. Supplements can provide your body with Vitamin D, especially during those cold, dark winter months when you may lack it most.


  • Food and Drink – There are many foods that are enriched with vitamin D that you can add to your diet to increase those vitamin levels or prevent a deficiency from forming. Foods such as tuna, egg yolk, mushrooms, milk, orange juice, oatmeal etc.

What Is the Purpose of Taking the Test?

As mentioned previously, some vitamin D deficiencies will show themselves in adults by causing fatigue, mood change, hair loss, muscle aches etc. However, in children this can be much more serious and cause health issues such as deformities, difficulty walking, bone/limb and muscle pain.

It can be important to check your vitamin levels to gain a deeper understanding of your body. A lack of nutrient and hormone can affect the development and strength of both adult and child bones.

Taking a quick, effective, and easy vitamin test can prevent these health issues from arising or getting progressively worse. You can begin to implement healthy habits that will increase your body’s consumption of vitamin D.