Scotland’s recycling rate soars

Recycling plans in Scotland

Scotland’s recycling rate percentage

Recycling, composting and reusing waste in Scotland has topped 60% for the first time, according to figures released by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). 6.96 million tons of waste were recycled (61% of all waste produced), which is around half a million tons compared to 2015.

Businesses and households are also recycling more food waste. 605,614 tonnes of organic waste was recycled in composting or anaerobic digestion facilities, a whopping 78% more since 2011.

Furthermore, the total waste generated across the country has been reduced by more than half a million tonnes since 2015, meaning Scotland has sent the least amount of waste to landfills since 2011.

The reaction

The Environment Secretary said the government is pleased that the country is making good progress toward the 70% it aims to achieve by 2025, adding that it has achieved high recycling rates by educating people on the subject and make it easier.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency said recycling in Scotland is a success story of individuals and companies doing their bit, no matter how small. They added that the most economically successful and sustainable countries will be those that reuse valuable resources rather than throw them away, and that they intend to help companies reduce waste and reuse materials whenever they can.

Zero Waste Scotland CEO said they are happy Scotland is progressing towards a more circular economy; recycling and reusing products, sending less waste to landfills and recycling more food waste. They recognized that local authorities and other agencies have worked hard to achieve a significant reduction in waste in homes and businesses.

Scotland is leading the way in establishing an ambitious and long-term waste reduction and recycling policy, phasing out the use of landfills for polluting materials, and striving to become a circular economy.