The Effects of Deforestation


What are the risks of deforestation? If we continue to allow the continued expansion of unsustainable development in the areas where we live, our earth is going to suffer substantial changes. One of the most serious risks involved in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the destruction of forests all over the world is global warming. Global warming is considered one of the biggest threats to the survival of our planet. At the present time, deforestation has already caused a rise in global temperatures. This increase in temperature, if it continues unabated, will lead to the melting of the Arctic Ocean, which will increase the levels of acidity in our oceans and lead to the increase in ocean dead zones. This increase in acidity can increase the rate of climate change, which can cause massive damage to both land and marine life.


Another risk that must be addressed is the increased use of fossil fuels, which is what contributes to climate change. Our current methods of transportation, which include cars, trucks, and buses, as well as the construction of power plants, contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. The burning of fossil fuels, which is responsible for about 80% of Earth’s carbon dioxide output, is a contributing factor to the accelerating global warming crisis. What are the risks of global warming? The increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, a result of the burning of fossil fuels, leads to the absorption of carbon dioxide in the soil and in the air, leading to the further increase of atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide.


What are the risks of deforestation and climate change due to increased utilization of land for farming? Livestock production has become the driving force behind most deforestation. A cow alone takes up more than five acres of land, so by the use of modern technology that enables one cow to produce eight tons of milk, farmers have taken much of the natural habitat away from trees. They have also displaced a large portion of the people who live in the forest and in the surrounding areas.