Global Warming

Scotland, in its fight against climate change, set some very ambitious goals that it published on May 14 in Edinburgh. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), an independent group of experts that advises the British Government, presented the goals set by the country to continue its fight against global warming. Scotland’s most ambitious goal is […]

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Consequences of climate change

The climate change is here to stay and alarm signals are intensified. The month of June 2019 was the hottest in recorded history, which means that we have had temperatures above the 21st century average for 414 months in a row. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We will tell you the main […]

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Peter Head Projects

Climate Change & Global Warming

Environmental conservation

Climate change and global warming are starting to become a massive deal on this planet. Sadly, it seems that we are heading towards the ‘point of no return’ when it comes to climate change, and it appears that not enough people are doing anything about it. This is why we here at Peter Head Projects want to encourage the change to start today.

If we do not act now to combat climate change and global warming, then in a few decades the planet will be virtually unrecognizable. In fact, some places on this planet are going to be completely uninhabitable.

We are already starting to see the impact that climate change is having on the planet. Obviously, we are sure that you have all heard of rising sea levels. This is a huge problem as it is. However, in the news as of later, you may have started to see a lot of information about unpredictable weather, intense weather when it was not expected, and tons of raging forest fires. All of this has been caused by climate change.

The climate change is having an impact on nature too. For example, a few years back, the intense heat meant that food for horses in Europe could not be produced in the same quantities that it could be produced in the past. This resulted in many horses dying. These are the animals that are under our control. The problem is even worse in the wild, where we are starting to see animals disappear at a rate that we have never seen before. Sadly, there seems to be no indication that this is something that will be slowing down any time soon. The planet is irreversibly changed.

Sadly, the planet is at the point where we may not be able to completely change the direction it is heading in when it comes to climate. If it isn’t changed to that point, then it will almost certainly be soon. There doesn’t seem to be enough political action in major polluting countries (namely the United States and China) for us to do much about it now.

Our partners and plasterers in Glasgow are acutely aware of the role recycling plays in combating global warming. Recycling significantly reduces environmental impact compared to producing new products, thereby lowering CO2 emissions. This reduction is crucial in our fight against climate change. If more people embrace recycling, it could contribute to a slight cooling of our planet.


Recently the goverment has been encouring more recycling throughout Scotland. This means people are being encouraged to recycle more of the items around their home. You will actually be surprised at just how much can be recycled.

Obviously, the major benefit of recycling does apply to climate change. The processing of recycled products does not have anywhere the same impact on the environment that producing brand new products has. This means that less CO2 is being pumped up there into the atmosphere. If everybody could start to recycle, we may actually see the planet cool down a little bit.

Of course, recycling also ensures that landfills do not get filled up as quickly. It is no secret that the landfills within Scotland are filling up at an astonishing rate. Far quicker than anybody would like. Each time a new landfill is created, the homes of countless animals are destroyed. Landfills also have the ability to leak toxic chemicals into the environment. This can make these areas uninhabitable for centuries to come. Some of these toxic chemicals could also start to creep into the water supply in some parts of Scotland, and we have no idea the impact this will have.

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Social Initiatives

Of course, it isn’t enough that we talk about what we do here. If we want to have an impact on the planet that we live in, and if we want to take our ideas beyond Scotland, then we need to run social initiatives that can help people to change their lives.

Informing people about the way that they can change their daily habits can impact the planet. Sure, we know that one person changing up their daily habits is not going to lead to the biggest change. However, we need to look well beyond what a single person does. We want to encourage hundreds, if not thousands, of people to change up their day to day lives. We want to encourage these people to share our message even further.

There are many projects throughout Scotland. Again, these are just a small part of all the events, but we do hope that knowing about these events can help people to encourage others to become more conscious of the planet that we live in.