Here are 6 Things You Never Knew You Could Recycle


When decorating your home, and you have lifted an old carpet, don’t throw it away. You can take your old carpet to a carpet recycling company who will essentially break down the material and use it to make other products.



Now in the digital age, people may be more inclined to throw away old DVD discs and CD’s. However, you can in fact recycle these and they can again, be made into something new. The material can find a new purpose.



The disposal of crayons hugely impacts landfills every year. Due to the waxy material, crayons never really dissolve which means the material clogs landfills. Before you throw them away, try and look for somewhere that will melt them and remanufacture them so that they can be used again and again by someone else.


It can take plastic years and years to fully break down, which is why it is much more environmentally friendly to recycle your toothbrushes. The plastic material can be re-used for an endless number of other products.


Technology Devices

Devices such as laptops and mobile phones are full of materials that can be easily recycled and reused. The parts inside of these devices can be taken out and used for other devices. This reduces waste and protects our environment.



Many big makeup retailers offer a recycling scheme where you can give them empty plastic lipstick containers or any empty bottle made from recyclable material, and in return they can offer you a free product, a loyalty discount or a voucher.

This scheme reduces thousands of waste and as makeup typically has a 12month expiry date, the plastic bottles and containers can be thrown away pretty quickly without the chance to be recycled and reused for more products.