About Us

Peterhead Projects Limited is a development trust – owned and led by members of the community – and limited by guarantee.

Registered as a charity (SC041653), Peterhead Projects develops initiatives and activities within the town and wider AB42 postcode area which provide benefits to the local retail market, wider economy, community and environment.

Its projects aim to help relieve unemployment, principally among residents of Peterhead and district through the diversification of the business base and strives to improve the built and natural environment of Peterhead and district.

2ReUse Trading Post
2ReUse Recycling is one of Peterhead Projects’ key community initiatives

It was founded in February 2009 to initiate new projects in our community and relies on its own projects for self sufficiency. To further its aims the company requires to generate income through social enterprises, with all profits made being re-invested in the community.

Headed by Project Development Manager Ken Duncan, Peterhead Projects is looking for community involvement to identify new initiatives to be undertaken both in Peterhead and the wider Buchan community.

Among our current projects are 2ReUse Recycling, the Lido Caravan Park, the Buchan Meadows Community Woodland project and our Green Spaces initiative. It also provides a coordination role in the annual festive Gift Tree Appeal.

The board of Peterhead Projects has a maximum of 18 directors at any one time comprising no more than 12 Member Directors (from the membership roll) and no more than 6 will be External Directors. It holds its annual general meeting in June.

The current make-up of the board is as follows:

Member Directors – John Brownlee, chairman; Alexander Sim, vice-chairman; Derek Jennings; Robert Antczak; John Robb; Nancy Duncan; William McNeil; Dave Peter; External Director – Councillor Stuart Pratt.

Lido Caravan Park

The Lido Caravan Park was the subject of a successful asset transfer from Aberdeenshire Council by Peterhead Projects in 2012 and has traded as a separate subsidiary company of PPL since April 2013.

Providing 23 touring stances alongside 13 privately-owned static caravans, the site has played a key role in bringing tourists to the town from across the UK, Europe and the wider world. Through its continued focus on quality, the site continues to be awarded three-star status by VisitScotland and three-pennant status by the AA.

All monies raised from the Lido Caravan Park go back

The Lido Caravan Park has played a key role in bringing new visitors to Peterhead and the surrounding area

into the community through our various projects.

In the 4 years of its operation under Peterhead Projects, the caravan park has played a pivotal role in directly bringing hundreds of tourist to the town where they have supported local shops, eateries and other businesses. Its investment to PPL and its wider community projects has been in the region of £60,000 during that lifespan.

Year-on-year, we are experiencing significant growth in our overseas market with visitors now coming from as far afield as Australia, Sweden, Germany and France.

Not only are we committed to promoting the town centre to all our visitors, we support local trades for all our on-site works and facilities.

2ReUse Recycling

2ReUse Recycling is one of Peterhead Projects’ key community initiatives which focusses on recycling a range of household items while diverting unwanted items from landfill.

Operating from 3 outlets in Peterhead, it recycles all household items including furniture and electrical items, together with bric-a-brac, clothing, linen, bikes and other goods.

It is the holder of two Green Apple Awards in bronze and gold which are given for innovative work in the community and the environment. It has a volunteer-friendly award for supporting over 190 volunteers and helping them get back into training and some back into employment.

The 2ReUse full-time employee is manager Brenda Campbell who is assisted by a small part-time staff and a dedicated group of volunteers, with all proceeds raised from the sale of goods going back into the community through various local initiatives operated by Peterhead Projects.